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Pranit0503 07-11-2018 12:31 AM

Benefits Of Learning Java
  • The benefits of Java are as follows:
  • 1.Java is simple to understand.
  • Java was developed to be simple to use and is therefore simple to create, gather, debug, and understand than other development ‘languages’.
  • Java is object-oriented.
  • This allows you to create flip applications and reusable program code.
  • Java is platform-independent.
  • One of the most important benefits of Java is its capability to move easily from one pc to another. The capability to run the same program on many different systems is crucial to World Wide Web software, and Java is successful at this by being platform-independent at both the source and binary levels.
  • Java is allocated.

preetiagarwal 05-06-2019 06:40 AM

Benefits of java?
Benefits of java:
1.Java is easy to learn and understand.
2.Java is designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug and learn than other programming languages.
3.Java is Object Oriented. This allows you to create modular programs and reusable code.
4.Java is platform independent.
That's why many programmer use java programming language

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