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Chinese holiday 02-12-2012 10:38 PM

Google lead the search for the socialization of the future development of social sear
Google Social Search feature first released in the United States, but according to the Google official blog says, this feature will support the other 19 languages??, Google a button and the data will be for users worldwide. Google Google search users to recommend the search results, shared with other users feedback. In a sense, a Google button is very similar to the social networking site Facebook "Like" button.

Google is one hidden in the Google search results page, users can see in the search results and advertising behind Google button click you recommend this project.

An operation will be carried out by your friends and other social network information as it appears below in the search results, such as when you search for a dish of practice, you will see a project of your culinary genius neighbor. In addition, when you search the local coffee shop, even if your friends have not been related recommendation, Google will be given a proposal with a region and your other users.

In short, your search is closely related to With this tool you can from the people close to you there, at the right time, with the correct format to find the things you want.

Google recommended methods and Social Search is very similar to Google through your Google Account friends, and many other signals to identify the most useful recommendation in the future they will also consider the relationship chain is similar to other social networks. If you do not know that you have established a link, and who you can enter the Google Dashboard to view the contents of the Social the Circle and Content part.

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