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VS Chaitanya 06-23-2016 06:33 AM

Review my new website
I have recently created a niche website based on water purifiers. Please review it and give me some valuable suggestions.


serak123 06-24-2016 10:42 AM

Your site is nice.

shafiullah08 06-24-2016 12:48 PM

No this is not true that UF "Kills and
all the
from the
Water " I have one year experience on water purifier. RO/UV / UF is different things.

RyanVarnals 06-24-2016 03:57 PM

Your site is nice. A couple recommendations:

- The "check latest price" is getting cut off in my browser.
- On the mobile menu, there are only 2 links, but several water purification links on the desktop.
- You capitalize all text in the paragraph tag. it's kind of throwing me off.

These are just recommendations though.

mrlpromotions 07-01-2016 01:35 AM

Excellent website.

Moon Bunny 07-01-2016 02:07 AM

Good site, but the text with upper case letters looks nor good

sanvarifashion 07-01-2016 04:41 AM

Great Work !! Very Informative.

Sanvari Fashion

alexanderallan 09-12-2016 11:54 PM

Nice website. all the best.

sejal 09-13-2016 03:32 AM

Great Site

koup 07-19-2017 06:57 AM

A good website. Keep posting updates and make sure your site is mobile friendly as well.

manalisoni 07-20-2017 05:25 AM

You've all been very helpful in the past, any suggestions would be appreciated

h03in96 07-21-2017 10:24 PM

your site has good design!

good luck.

ranjith123 08-19-2017 07:49 AM

the was good and keep improve

desichamps 08-20-2017 04:43 PM

check all
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manavatmix 08-20-2017 09:49 PM

Nice site. Clean interface and loads fast. Just add a blog section to your site.

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