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Dubey675 02-02-2016 02:58 AM

How Can I Increase My Youtube Video Views
Hello mates,

How Can I Increase My Youtube Video Views

Sameer02 02-02-2016 04:15 AM

If you want to increase your youtube video views, below I have mentioned few points just go through it.

If you have uploaded a video, what is your video about so in that mostly people forget to give proper keyword phrase. For instance if you have not given a proper keyword phrase and have just given a name my first video, I mean is useless because here you had not mentioned about your video.

2) Youtube don't give video description box option to write, but in this case you can do few things for instance, your keyword phrase should be good and nice that match to your video. URL (select proper url where do you want to send your viewers. Mini blog that describe about your video.

Mikhael 02-02-2016 04:23 AM

One of the tips I received from someone was to ensure that you use the correct tags for your videos. Tags are how people will find your video when they do searches. I recommend looking for this article on Google "YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide". There are some great tips there.

Also, what I recommend is, using Hootsuite. It's a program that allows you to send posts to all your followers across all your social media platforms. And actually schedule regular posts with links to your Youtube videos. It makes a huge difference. Hope these tips help :)

Manishkumar12 02-02-2016 05:01 AM

The first rule when creating content for your YouTube videos is to know your target demographic. Is it aimed at the general audience? Or is it aimed at football fanatics? Establishing this will help you down the line when you go on to promote your videos. Do not try to create something out of your expertise merely because “there is a larger audience for it”.

DanielEnriquez 02-02-2016 06:28 AM

Use right tags for your Video.
Write good descriptions for the video and update.
Submit your videos on different submission sites and share on social media.

NitinShadilya 02-02-2016 10:30 PM

Tip 1
Enter relevant tags so that people searching a video can land up to your channel.

Tip 2:
Do lot of social media promotion ,ask your social media followers to view entire i.e full video as youtube pay attention to the watch time when displaying search result.

Tip 3:
Building early moment will help you alot as you want to get many views in a short period of time..embed it every where.

Tip 4:
Keep an eye on youtube analytic , try to make related videos that are liked by your fans.

Tip 5:
Try to make video for targeted audience only.

Use social media sites which have a large number of users.

Tarini 02-03-2016 04:06 AM

Use good keywords and Meta Tags for targeted audience.

quantumleap 02-03-2016 09:11 PM

I agree with Nitin !!!

Dubey675 02-03-2016 10:41 PM

Thanks all of your sharing your valuable feedback on this topic, looking forward for more information in future.

astrologer20 02-03-2016 11:37 PM

Enter relevant tags, put keywords in your description, use a thumbnail that pops, build early momentum.

jimcary 02-05-2016 01:17 AM

Cared description,tags and publishing on social networks

ExpertWP 02-07-2016 11:01 AM

Feature it on your YouTube page.
Choose a good thumbnail.
Make your title short and interesting.
Pick tags that will be good for SEO.
Write a good video description.

oliverqueen001 03-03-2016 04:38 AM

promote social media facebook twitter Google+ LinkedIn G+ communities sharing all social sites

JamesFraley 03-04-2016 12:18 AM

Optimize your videos, use proper tags and write good description for your videos, share it on different social media.

rockthedesign 03-04-2016 04:14 AM

1. Make sure your video length 5 minute long.
2. use long tail keyword
3. use related meta tag
4. repeat your focus keyword meta description
5. share it on social media

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