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John 10-24-2005 02:13 AM

Review guidelines

- Please ensure the site you post is one you really want a review for. Any post deemed to be place purely for advertising purposes will be moved or deleted.

- Although not obligatory, please try to review other sites before placing your own for review.

- Please be constructive, "It's good" or I don't like it" are NOT constructive comments. State why you do or don't like aspects of the site.

- Try to review posts that have no replies before reviewing those that have many.

- If the site you want reviewed includes any content that may be deemed of an adult nature PLEASE STATE THIS IN YOUR ORIGINAL POST

- Try to remain respectful. No flaming will be allowed. Any abuse, be it racial, ***ual, or of any kind at all will not be tolerated and you risk being banned from this forum. It is possible to say something negative without being rude. Please be polite at all times.

Happy reviewing.

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