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sunled 01-15-2018 11:00 PM

Mention the steps to optimize your WordPress?
Mention the steps to optimize your WordPress?

esourcepart 02-13-2018 10:43 PM

There are few following steps to optimize your wordpress successfully :-
1. Opt the Right Hosting Plan.
2. WordPress Theme should be fast.
3. Plugins should be monitored.

sankalppatil 02-14-2018 03:23 AM

1. you need to cache your cache enabler first of all.
2. you should try to optimize and compress(file size) your images as much as possible.
3. then solve the clutters in your database.
4. try to use CDN(content delivery network).
5. don't use any plugin you should try to use authorized plugin to avoid hacking.

smmexpertss 02-17-2018 09:41 AM

1. Choose the Right Hosting Plan
2. Use a Fast WordPress Theme
3. Monitor Your Plugins
4. Empty Your Trash
5. Reduce Post Revisions, Drafts, Spam, Pingbacks and Trackbacks
6. Optimize Your Images for the Web

rajveerkaur 02-22-2018 02:18 AM

1.Optimize your site for performance and recommend
2.Use the tool Gtmetrix.
3.You should take a complete backup of your WordPress website before the optimization
4.Some of the elements are already optimized but other files you have to do such as:
•Minify Javascript (Manually)
•Minify CSS (Manually)
•Enable Gzip Compression (With Coding)
•Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Themes
•Image Optimization (Manually)
•Defer parsing of JavaScript(With Coding)
•Leverage browser caching (With Coding)
•Remove query strings from static resources (With Coding)
5. After resolving these errors, re-scan your website again and check the result.

Yashmin 02-27-2018 01:54 AM

Choose the right hosting plan.
Should use fast WordPress theme.
Monitor your plugins.

smmexpertss 02-27-2018 11:42 PM

how to optimize your wordpress website for performance (in 5 easy steps)
step 1: Analyze your site’s speed
step 2: Use a reputable caching solution
step 3: Optimize and compress your images
step 4: Enable gzip compression
step 5: Measure the impact plugins have

alicarich 03-08-2018 03:40 AM

good steps. i will surely follow your steps for optimize my word press thank you.

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