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ORLOVA 07-15-2016 12:05 AM

What is Microblogging??
Hello friends,

What is Microblogging??

sudeepkhana 07-15-2016 01:26 AM

Microblogging is simply blogging in micro size. It means blogging with brief texts with options to add photos or audio clips. Due to its brevity, microblogging is very popular with mobile phone users and busy people who don't have the time to write a full-blown article for blog posting. Microblogging updates/postings can be anything as long as they are short and within the maximum words allowed.

RH-Calvin 07-15-2016 01:39 AM

Microblogging is the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog.

Dubey675 07-15-2016 03:38 AM

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create short messages to be posted and shared with an audience online.

nidhitiwari 07-15-2016 06:57 AM

Microblogging is a simple article with images and videos to present your ideas in brief. It is a best way to convey message and to promote anything. They are widely used now a days and a large number of people are using microblogging sites.

sonamsoni 07-15-2016 07:51 AM

Microblogging is the short description about the title for information.

Manya Johnson 07-16-2016 07:09 AM

Microblogging is a short message that you post with blogging site to get traffic.

sashwatmegh 07-21-2016 04:49 AM

Microblogging is simply the technique of posting frequently, but very short posts.

seo147 07-22-2016 12:58 AM

Microblogging is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service. Microposts can be made public on a Web site and/or distributed to a private group of subscribers. Subscribers can read microblog posts online or request that updates be delivered in real time to their desktop as an instant message or sent to a mobile device as an SMS text message.
The appeal of microblogging is both its immediacy and portability. Posts are brief (typically 140 – 200 characters) and can be written or received with a variety of computing devices, including cell phones. Although most microblog broadcasts are posted as text, some microblogging services allow video or audio posts.

Microblogging is slowly moving into the mainstream. In the United States, for example, Presidential candidate Barack Obama microblogged from the campaign trail using Twitter, one of the most popular microblogging services. Traditional media organizations, including The New York Times and the BBC, have begun to send headlines and links in microblog posts. Other potential applications of microblogging include traffic and sports updates and emergency broadcast systems.

bercakom 07-22-2016 02:16 AM

it is just like a simple blogging

pxljobs 08-23-2016 11:26 PM

The micro blogging is an combination of blogging and instant messaging allow user to create short message post and share audience social platforms twitter is the best example this type of blogging.

AshokDixit89 08-31-2016 04:27 AM

A microblog is, as the name implies, a very small blog. Microblog posts are typically just a sentence or two in length. They may also be used to share brief links to audios, videos, or images. Your Twitter feed or your Facebook wall could be considered microblogs.

Epicram 09-01-2016 03:41 AM

Micro blogging is posting frequently with small sentences which may have video, image, etc.

alishasmith 09-03-2016 05:33 AM

Microblogging is the process to spread the message in short form. It is a form of blogging that allows the users to write short texts..

jasonroy21 09-13-2016 03:20 AM

Microblogging is a broadcast medium that exists in the form of blogging.

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