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In most cases, HTML is all you need
In spite of all the advantages of using HTML, the first step you need to do while conceptualizing a website is to define what exactly your website should do. Are you looking for a website that provides information about your business or are you looking for eCommerce functionality? Is your website essentially going to contain marketing and company information or will it be more news-like, where content is added every few hours or days? Should your website mainly disseminate information to visitors or do you need your visitors to interact?

The operative word in defining your website functionality is "need". It is easy to conceptualize an extremely high-end website with a wish-list of features and functionality, but is it essential for your small or growing business? In most cases, business websites do not need advanced functionality that would justify the need for programming technologies or content management systems, given the extra cost of development.

Aesthetically, an HTML website can look just as appealing as a website using the more advanced technologies. It is easy to be swayed by the desire to be 'up with the times'. However, getting yourself a well made HTML website may be a wiser and more progressive decision for your business than getting a high-tech website.
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