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Paid to talk to friends, to shorten links and share pictures is a portal where you can earn money in 3 ways.
Paid to chat:
Everyone uses yahoo messenger, skip etc.Here can talk with your friends and other.Company pays 60% of their earnings from ads.
Of the end of each month is calculated line value and in 40 NET days you get paid.
Paid to short links:
Here you shorten links and then distribute them on social networks and other places.For each click on your link shortened you earn money.You can earn up to $ 0.001 for one click.
Payments within 48 hours after you reach $ 10.
Paid to share:
Upload photos and then share with friends, family and others.For each view you get paid . Upgrade option 1$/month, to remove ads vizibile.Share a picture to friends and earn money.
The company pays 60% of earnings generated by advertisments.Payment is made in NET 45 days.

Try it yourself. Y4TL.COM
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