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invest money

What is Investing? Investing is a cash transaction performed by an entity - a legal entity or a natural person. It is the essence of buying long-term financial, immovable and movable assets and short-term assets. If you decide to invest, you need to analyze and minimize the risk, determine the duration of the investment and evaluate the yield. , won, inherited, sold an apartment, got it for gift. Since money must work to be able to multiply, consider them as the best value. Ask the following basic questions: 1. Why I Want to Invest 2. How long do I want to invest 3. What rate of risk am I willing to undertake How can I invest money? -Stocks are synonymous with the investment. It is one of the most risky tools that is not designed for the beginner. - Commodity one of the very popular tools. - Bonds and their risk stand on the opposite side of the spectrum as shares. This is a relatively conservative investment, giving the investor a regular revenue stream in the form of a paid coupon. - Financial derivatives are defined as instruments whose price is dependent on the price of another, ’underlying’ asset. Derivatives most often acquire two forms - options and futures. - Forex Foreign exchange ’, alias alien currency. 17627
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