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He may have intend to bury them deep in the ground. So that only he use them in the night, or at such time as he can change his form, they do him equal well, and none may know these are his hiding place! But, my child, do not despair, this knowledge came to him just too late! Already all of his lairs but one be sterilize as for him. And before the sunset this shall be so. Then he have no place where he can move and hide. I delayed this morning that so we might be sure. Is there not more at stake for us than for him? Then why not be more careful than him? By my clock it is one 436 Dracula hour and already, if all be well, friend Arthur and Quincey are on their way to us. Today is our day, and we must go sure, if slow, and web visitors. no chance. See! There are five of us when those absent ones return.’ Whilst we were speaking we were startled by a knock at the hall door, the double postman’s knock of the telegraph boy. We all
moved out to the hall with one impulse, and Van 84999
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