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Thumbs up Tips for effective business marketing

Hi Guys !!

Hope you all are doing great.
An effective marketing strategy means life and death for a business.Can u please tell me some principles and ideas that that you should reference when designing and implementing marketing strategies on behalf of your organization for exponential growth.
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Follows are best tips for marking,

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

1. Create a search marketing budget.
* How much will you need to spend to get a sale?
* How much profit do you make per sale?
* How will you track and improve your ads?
2. Advertise through Google Adwords.
* Largest market, most searches
* Highest competition
* May need to focus on a smaller niche to be profitable
3. Advertise through Yahoo Search Marketing
* Moderate search volume and competition
4. Advertise through Microsoft adCenter
* Moderate search volume
* Lower competition
5. Advertise through
* Low search volume
* Low competition
6. Look for new niches and customer groups to offer your products and services to (web designer for automotive shops) to decrease competition.
7. Use keyword tools to research what your potential customers are searching for.
8. Google's keyword tool is a free tools to help research what people are searching for.
9. Use local search marketing area specifications to target a specific city or zip code. Again reducing competition and increasing effectiveness.
10. Track Your Search Engine Marketing: Track leads, track conversions, track what each keyword does or doesn't do for you.
11. Adjust your campaign to explore more of the keywords that work and decrease bids on the keywords that don't preform as well.
12. Create multiple landing pages and test the effectiveness of each landing page. Test different layouts, different copy, different calls to action.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Research what words your potential customers are searching with.
2. Write search engine optimized titles that use the words that your customer are searching for.
3. Get those same keywords in the link text of sites that are linking to you.
4. Make sure the sites you get links on are on the same topic as your site is.
5. Get quality relevant links from reputable sites.
6. Build one-way links by:
* List in related quality directories
* Posting in related forums
* Commenting on related blogs
* Guest blogging
* Writing guest articles
* Submitting articles to directories
* Social bookmarking your site
7. Don't link to sites that are seen as bad sites by the search engines. (Make sure they are well listed in Google)
8. Use the same keywords in the body text of your content.
9. Create great content focused on your topic that people want to link to.
10. "Link Bait" with catchy article names and content like "99+ Internet Marketing Ideas"!
11. Get that content in front of the eyes of some of the more established sites in your topic. (By commenting on blogs, interacting in forums, etc.)
12. Check out SEOmoz's Ranking Factors to see how some of the top search engine optimization experts rank the importance of different factors influencing your position in the search engines.
13. Track what search terms bring what conversions. Focus your keyword optimization efforts on the best performing keywords.
14. Make your site search engine navigable. Search engines can't follow:
* Pure javascript dropdown menus or links
* Pages that are accessed by a form (login form, submit button, etc.)
15. Try not to use frames.
16. Make every page accessible within 3 clicks.
17. Have fewer than 100 links per page.
18. Create an XML sitemap
19. Submit your site to the DMOZ directory
20. Get listed in a paid directory like Best of the Web (BOTW) or Yahoo Directory.
21. Don't:
* have hidden text
* use cloaking
* spam keywords on the page
* duplicate content
22. Do:
* Write good relevant content
* Design your site for your users
* Follow Google's Guidelines

Email Marketing Ideas

Email marketing is broken into building your own list and advertising in other lists.
Build an email marketing list

1. Offer information or special deals and coupons through an emailed newsletter.
2. Place newsletter signup forms in your store.
3. Collect emails at tradeshows and other events.
4. Place a newsletter subscription form on your website.
5. Set a standard by delivering quality informative content.
6. Don't worry about how often, just provide high quality content. Our [Newest Marketing Ideas Newsletter] is at most sent out once a month, only when there is something really great that business owners need to know about. It's better to have an infrequent email newsletter that's always read than a frequent newsletter that goes straight to the trash.

Advertise in email newsletters

1. Set an objective to your campaign.
2. Use tested and proven copy.
3. Track everything. Clicks, where they go, short term ROI as well as long-term projected ROI.
4. Test on a smaller segment of the target audience first.
5. Select a newsletter that is relevant and informative. Is it something that you would delete or actually read?

Social Marketing Ideas

1. Participate in blogging communities.
2. Participate in forums and use a Signature Line.
3. Participate in wikis.
4. Comment on other blogs with relevant and useful information.
5. Publish your own blog.
* Ping blog directories
* Use Feedburner
6. Promote your RSS feed for your blog or other website content.
7. Build a online social network.
8. Get involved with social bookmarking communities.
9. Make your site easy to bookmark with AddThis or with Digg, Delicious, or other bookmarking links.
10. Add a favicon so that your brand is shown when people bookmark your site in their browser.
11. Write articles for sites.
12. Write blogs for other blog sites.
13. Get to know the bloggers that blog to your customer group.
14. Start a podcast.
15. Create a "Squidoo Lense"
16. Promote your site through flickr or other image communities.
17. Host an online event.
18. Participate in an online event.
19. Attend an online event.

Website Marketing Ideas
Website Design

1. Make a usable website.
* Simple navigation
* Clear call to action (How they can find out more or signup.)
* Readable font size
* Design tested in all major web browsers
* Look at Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines
* Checkout Bad Website Ideas
2. Focus your website layout on calling the visitor to action and building leads.
3. Clean and minimize your design to focus the attention of the visitor on what is most important.
4. For local businesses include the names of the areas that you serve. If someone searches for "Orange County spa" you want to show up in the results even if you are just north of Orange County. So, "Serving Orange County, Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles area".
5. Create a lightweight design that will load quickly on any internet connection. Nothing turns a visitor away faster than a page that won't load.
6. Use web analytics to analyze where your visitors are coming from and going to so you can optimize your website design and content. Benchmark your changes to increase visitor retention and the amount of time they remain on your site.
* Try changing colors and layout to the colors and design that your target audience likes the most. Test color schemes to see which one keeps the most visitors.
* If you have a high bounce rate (where people quickly leave the site after first visiting) try modifying the keywords that you are optimizing your pages for. The keywords people are finding you with may not be the people searching for your product or service.
7. Use small compressed images with alt tags filled in with descriptions.
8. Consider using a separate CSS file (.css) for your page design. The visitor only has to load this file once and then it's stored on their computer.
9. Have friends or family test your website and get there feedback. Did they know what your site was about? What they could do or get there? Was there anything that was annoying?

Website Promotion

1. Don't pay a company to submit your site to the search engines. The search engines will find you as soon as you have links from other sites. (Directories, articles, etc.)
2. Submit articles to a site like eZineArticles.
3. Write a press releases and publish them through a service like PRWeb.
4. Create an affiliate program to promote your product or service.
5. Purchase banner ads on sites with your same target market.
6. Track your banner ads independently to see what works and what the ROI for each ad is.
7. Create a site targeted at a specific niche.
8. Offer freebies.
9. Upload your product feeds to Google Products, Google Base, Shopzilla, NextTag and other product listing sites.
10. Track every promotional effort. What is working? What isn't working? Optimize what works, drop what doesn't work.
11. Don't be afraid to try new things. Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and new ways to market an Internet business are always being born. Be sure to always track the results of the new marketing ideas.

Viral Marketing Ideas

1. Make a rebrandable ebook with your product links and allow your affiliates to add in their own affiliate links.
2. Make a hilarious video that features your product.
3. Make a video that others can re-brand with their affiliate links.
4. Have a promotional competition. Who can send the most visitors, who can make the most sales, generate the most leads.
5. Give people something fun to do online.
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Wow Jagbani - you have really given a lot of useful advice there!

I like the "Link Bait" idea (you give a version in the SEO list, no.10) - though, I thought link bait was something on your website (the bait) which users find very interesting and will make them want to come back (link).
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Thanks for the idea for the ebook. I will take it. How long should be at least one ebook?
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Such a great tips thanks for your help and information.
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With great as suggestions for your help and information.
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Great suggestions out there. Hard to add much more. Well done!
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Ultimate jagbani

You are really jagbani
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I some outstanding suggestion have posted above. I just want to say that you should be professional patient in business.
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Great Share Jagbani.
It takes long time for me to digest your complete post.
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great tips..
thanks guys..
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wow great tips
good work..
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SEO Dean
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Wow....good stuff and nice reference.
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This is an idea which is actually a kind of business arrangement between site owner and an online client. The site owner give a advertise on his sites to help a selling of a product of client.
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very effective post thanks for sharing it.
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