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Mursidi 03-01-2017 08:55 PM

characterize or mark your blog a lot to like
characterize or mark your blog a lot to like.

As blogger of course we expect the blog that we have to like and liked by many people.

Why? Of course when the blog we liked and liked a lot of people then what we would want in our blog as the popularity or monetization blog will be more likely to materialize. But how can we know that the blog we like it or not by netizens? Here are the signs or characteristics that blogs that we have liked by many people.
1. Return Visitor

Feature or the first sign that your blog is favored by many people is their return visitor. What's that return visitors? Return visitors are visitors or visitors to the blog who make a return visit to a blog. This means that once a person comes for the first time, he was interested to come for the second time and so on.

Then how can we know the visitors came more than once (return visitors)? The way you simply install Google Analytics on your blog. Google Analytics is then you need to see an indication of this at the visitor returns overview audience .

2. Bounce Rate and Avg. session Duration

Next, characteristics and signs that your blog is favored and loved a lot of people is the bounce rate and avg. session duration. What is the bounce rate and avg. session duration?

Bounce rate is the percentage of the number of visitors themselves who only visit one page or pages of your site and then leave your blog.
While Avg. session duration is the length of time spent by visitors in the first session of the visit (which is usually one session is counted per 30 minutes).
From here we concluded that the lower the bounce rate a blog the better the value of your blog, and vice versa, while for avg. Session duration itself is valid provided that the longer the time of avg. session duration of your blog then it means your blog well worth it, because it is a sign that many preferred blog visitor who spends a lot of time to mengulik contents of the blog.


Furthermore, characteristics and signs that a blog liked and liked a lot of people that a lot of comments that appear. Yes, there will always be a comment or a standard size that visitors have read thoroughly and respond to the content of the blog. So from here the applicable provisions of that more and more people are commenting on your blog then it means that increasingly mirrors that blogs are preferred and favored visitor.

But specific to one component, you should note that the comments were calculated as a sign of liking a blog is a comment which is really a comment on the content of the blog article, not a comment in the form of promotional or other spam or also comments in the form of a blog link that just want to just leaving backlinks to their own blogs.

4. Share or Back links

It also reflects that blog you liked and loved many people is their back links your blog carried out by others who may not recognize. Not just a back link, the sharing articles or writings that you write by your visitors also showed that blog you liked and liked. One more thing if there are visitors who then recommend your blog then it is also a sign that your blog is liked and favored netizen.
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5. Subscriber or Followers

Lastly, characteristics and signs that blogs favored and loved a lot of people is the number of subscribers or followers that much. What's subscriber? Subscriber are people who register their email to subscribe and follow your blog. Subscriber is arguably a kind of follower or followers in social media, but in the term blog is a subscriber. Subscriber also can be described as a customer of your blog articles.

Well then of the subscriber are essential for anyone who wants a popular blog or generating revenue. Therefore try to create content that is original and useful for many people to then more visitors who register their email as a sign he was a subscriber.

sin123 03-01-2017 10:03 PM

Informative post thanks for sharing here.

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