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shakemelikeapig 02-25-2012 12:55 AM

URL Shortening Service Site

I've got a URL Shortening Service website, and I'm willing to sell it.

It runs on a custom made script with a friendly user interface, (It doesn't involve an Admin Panel) and an unique and professional design.


simple XML API
full customizable user interface with CSS
full workable bookmarklet for external URL shortening
blacklist for exiling words and domain
hit counter for each short URL
supports advertising
full workable URL shortener

The site receives an average of visitors a day. The traffic mainly comes from the US, Japan, UK and Germany.

Don't ask me about the traffic source because it's an URL shortening website, each user advertise the links somewhere in the internet...

Proof of earnings:
I don't have custom channels and my adsense account is linked with many other websites so I can't really provide a screenshot with daily/weekly stats. However the earnings are generated in 1 month and half.

Proof of traffic:

Price: $240

Payment by Paypal


bplaza 08-04-2012 04:31 AM

Proof of earnings link not working. Please send me again.

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