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Secrete for seo

Log File
This is a file created by a web server or proxy server which contains all information about the activity on that server.
PPC (Pay Per Click)
Search engines where advertisers pay present the results of that search every time someone clicks on your link. The major PPC search engines today are Google Adwords, Overture and Espotting.
Crawler / Spider / Robot / Spider
A program designed to crawl the web by following links between pages. Is the usual form used by the major search engines to find pages later part of their databases
Click Through Rate (CTR)
Ratet for clickks is the number of times a link is followed by sailors, divided by the number of times that the link is shown (in turn called printing).
Information available on one page including images, texts and any other information provided regardless of its format.
Dynamic Content:
Pages generated usually from the information in a database and the demands made by the navigator. This kind of content usually has the character "?" Within the URL.
IP Address
Internet Protocol Address: identifies a computer connected to the Internet.
Databases are made by humans. Web pages indexed and are found in directories or subdirectories cataloging at their own discretion. The largest and most important are Yahoo and Open Directory Project.
Doorway Page:
Page designed and optimized for a browser and a particular keyword. The use of multiple pages of this type allows the same content is positioned properly in different browsers. This strategy is highly penalized by the major search engines.
Deep Links
are links to pages that are several levels below the domain root.
Cross Links:
Link consists of multiple websites in order to improve search engine positioning. If detected by search engines domains can be penalized.
Specialized software to detect fraudulent practices or penalized by search engines. If the filter detects a search engine one of these practices directly apply a penalty to the website.
Most search engines can manage web sites with frames (frames). Although difficulties have yet to try a website for 'frames' that one without 'frames'.
Hyper Text Markup Language is the language used to write static pages for the World Wide Web and to specify links to pages and objects.
Known script programming language that has broad support in browsers and Web development tools with this language you can write scripts.
Keywords Or Keyword:
Found on Web pages that describes the product, service or information presented by Web sites. Placed into the Meta tag "Keywords". Many search engines obviate the meta tag "keywords" due to misuse that has been made of them, so it is very important to clarify the standards used by search engines and directories.
Link Popularity Or League:
It is a measure of the importance of an Internet website based on the number of external links is the website. It is one of the most important factors used by the major search engines to sort the results presented to sailors. The popularity of leagues (link popularity) defines how important a website. Search engines believe that if many sites have links to your site, its content must be of high quality. Conclusion: the higher the popularity of links, the higher the position in Google. Another important thing is that a connection of a website with a 'link popularity' very high at your site has a connection higher than a site that borders low.
Site Map:
The availability of a site map has two advantages: it is much easier for visitors to find their way around the site, and makes it much easier for a search engine indexes your site.
Meta Search:
Websites specializing in consulting various search engines simultaneously and present the information in a comprehensible and orderly.
Meta Tags:
They are HTML tags that contain keywords for which your website will be found. The met tags are very important when positioning a Web site because search engines rank pages according to the met tags they find. The most used are the title, description and keywords.
Search Engines
A search engine or unbuscador is a system that seeks and indexes websites and allows users to find what is on those sites through keywords. One Stat lets you know from which search engines visitors are coming to your site.
Much Content:
In most text (context) that is available on a website, more information than a search engine can collect from a Web site. This has a positive effect on the trial of the website.
Domain Name:
This is the text name corresponding to an IP number from a computer connected to the Internet.
Indexed Pages:
This number represents the total number of pages visited and indexed by Google in its website. This number can conclude to what extent the site is indexed by a search engine.
WebSite Optimization:
A thorough analysis of the HTML code, tags, keywords, web statistics, etc.That is, the design, structure and contents that make up a Web page in order to bring it to the top of search engines, or the first results of search engines, most popular.
Website Optimization For Search Engines:
The process of modification and analysis of web pages to get to position the page in the highest positions within the major search engines. The analysis is comprehensive because it includes labels and tags titles, codes and Web design. Check out our promotions website optimization or search engine optimization.
Page Rank:
The Google Page Rank is numerical value assigned by Google to each page present in its database. This value is calculated by Google using special algorithms based on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the external links on each website.
Entry Pages:
Indicates the number of times a page is the first to be seen within the route of a visitor clicks on your site. Typically the home page should have a high number, if not the top of the list.
Exit Pages
Indicates the number of times a page is the first to be seen within the route of a visitor clicks on your site. Typically the home page should have a high number in this list, unless you have a lot of dynamic content on your site that users see only one time.
Search Keywords / Phrases:
These are the words that users employ search engines in order to reach a website. One Stat lets you know what search words your visitors are using to find your site. As the list of keywords can increase you know that keywords important to find your site are ignored by search engines and added to the META KEYWORD tag of each page to improve the performance of your site in search engines.
Punishment imposed on a particular page from a search engine as a result of using positioning tactics contrary to the editorial standards of that form. Such punishment often results in the loss of positions and the disappearance of the website, sometimes all, of that form. All projects are NeoMinds search engine positioning tactics accepted by Google and other search engines without penalty futuristic.
PFI (Pay for Inclusion):
Some search engines and directories charge a fixed amount to consider and review the inclusion of a specific page in its database. This payment does not guarantee in any case, a particular position for the revised website.
The operating system (Windows XP, Windows 98, MacOS, Linux, etc.).
Flash Portal:
Flash can speak with a marketing campaign with search engines. Search engines are always looking for text in a webpage, and some sites display designs search engines with no text to index. When a search engine views a page with flash during indexing, the site can be indexed only when the search engine can go around this introduction (e.g. a link that says 'skip intro').
Web Positioning in Search Engines:
Web positioning in search engine optimization is the why certain techniques are seeking high positions under certain searches on search engines.
Affinity of a page including a listing of results of a search with the subject or information sought by a navigator
A computer that hosts information available to users (called clients) on the Internet or other network.
Referring Site:
The URL of a website that has a link that serves as a reference for visitors to come to a site.
Titles Different Pages:
Each page on a website has its own subject, it is very important that the title of the pages tells whether your context contains. A search engine can judge by its title page.
Top 10 Seekers:
Page listed in the top 10 search engine results for a specific keyword or phrase.
First Time Visitors:
The number of visitors accessing your site first. It identifies a visitor for the first time by the absence of a cookie.
Visitors Returners:
The number of visitors who stayed at their site in a period prior to being returned and have returned. It determines whether a visitor is no returner through a cookie. Visitors returnees are counted only once in the period but have multiple entries to the Site. port period.
Unique Visitors:
Unique visitors are day visitors only on a given day. A visitor can only be a first-time visitor or a visitor nonreturner. Unique visitors are counted only once during the period several times while accessing a website. Number of visitors accessing our website over a specific period of time from a particular IP address.
Page Views:
Each time a page is downloaded by the user. In terms of entries to the site only HTML pages, dynamic pages and forms considered page views, no access to images, audio, video or advertisements.
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