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Instagram ShadowBan May Be Affecting You. Here is How To Detect And Fix It

When it comes to slapping sanctions on properties in the World Wide Web, Google is the known disciplinarian. It cudgel has come as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc,. But currently it appears Instagram is starting out to discipline its users, using a new sanction called Instagram ShadowBan.

This sanction has been reported to have affected a lot of users, with majority not even knowing, but the people that know are now looking for the Instagram ShadowBan fix to their accounts.

If you are among the people that don't know what Instagram ShadowBan is about, this post will explain the ban, show you how to know if you have been shadow banned, and also show you how to remove Instagram ShadowBan from your Instagram account.

If you already know what the term means, just scroll down to the section on Instagram ShadowBan fix.

Now What is Instagram ShadowBan?

Instagram ShadowBan is an assumed ban by Instagram, leading to a state whereby the posts from an account are invisible to other users. It is manifested when a picture is tagged to a hashtag but the picture didn't show up among the other pictures tagged to the hashtag.

ShadowBan is regarded as an assumed ban because Instagram has neither confirmed not denied the ban, but the glitches of posted pictures being invisible are obvious and have been reported by a lot of Instagram users.

When an account is shadow banned, the current followers would still see the pictures posted by the account, but the non-followers of the account wouldn't see the pictures, when they search the hashtag of the picture.

How Do You Know if You Are Hit By Instagram ShadowBan?

Before taking you through Instagram ShadowBan fix, It is important you know if the ban has hit your account. There are two different ways to knowing, but it's best to combine the two ways for optimum result. The ways are as follow:

• Instgram ShadowBan Tester: An online tool called Instagram ShadowBan tester has been launched. The tool helps to test an account or a particular picture or video for ShadowBan. Click here to access the tool, and when you land on the page, input your username or media URL and click GET TESTED! button to run a scan.

• Manual Checking: You can manually check if your account has been shadow banned; just post a picture with a hashtag and asked at least three people not following you to find the hashtag and look to see if your picture appears among the other pictures with the hashtag.

If all or majority of the people you asked said they didn't see the picture, it means you might have already been a victim of Instagram ShadowBan.

As I have earlier stated, before thinking of ShadowBan fix, combine the manual checking with the ShadowBan testing tool result. If the result from the tool stated that you are ban and through manual confirmation, your pictures are invisible, then you are indeed shadow banned.

What is The Reason for Being ShadowBan?

Since Instagram has been mute on ShadowBan, Instagram experts have suggested the likely reasons an account may be shadow banned, and they are as follow:

• Using Bots To Grow Your Followers: If you are one of the people that grow their accounts by using the service of self-acclaimed follower growers or you are buying followers, you are at the mercy of ShadowBan.

What such service providers do is to design bots that follow your account; this is against the Terms and Condition of Instagram and your account wouldn't go unpunished. Aside growing your account using bots, using some auto-scheduler with your Instagram account can also bring the wrath of ShadowBan.

• Breaking Instagram Daily or Hour Usage Limit: Like all other social media, there is limit to actions you can do in an hour and in a day. On Instagram, you can't exceed 150 likes, 60 follow/unfollow and 60 comments in an hours, but by using some applications you can break this limit. Instagram wouldn't be happy with that and can result in a ban.

• Using Abused Hashtag: Some hashtags have been classified as spamming; these hashtags are the ones with pictures related to nudity and other inappropriate or offensive contents. If you keep using these hashtags as part of the other hashtags used with your post, your picture is likely to be shadow banned.

• When Your Account is Reported to Instagram: If you infringe the copyright of other people's content or being spamming on Instagram and someone reported you to Instagram, on confirmation of the claim, Instagram may place your account in the line and shadow banned it.

How to Apply Instagram ShadowBan Fix

If you have combined the ShadowBan testing tool result with the manually testing and believe your Instagram account has been shadow banned, here are the Instagram shadowban fix:

• Stop using and revoke access from auto-scheduler and other automation services: When you sign up for auto-scheduler and the other services that grow your account with bots, they installed scripts into the API of your Instagram account and perform the automation service through it.

The first Instagram shadowban fix to apply is to revoke access from the automation services, from accessing your API. To revoke this access, login into your Instagram account on a computer, and click on the human icon. Then click on Edit Profile, and then on Authorized Applications.

On the Authorized Applications tab the names and summaries of authorized programs on your Instagram account will be displayed. Just find the ones of the auto-scheduler and the follower grower and click on Revoke Access to prevent them for accessing your account.

• Allow your account to rest for a couple of days: Completely log out your Instagram account from everywhere it is logged in and don't post any thing for 2 or 3 days. This brings a kind of reset effect on the account, and when you login again after the couple of days rest, start using Instagram manually, without those automation systems.

• Stop using Instagram 30-hashtag trick, if you are before: Instagram 30-hashtag trick is a popular way of massively reaching a lot of people with your pictures. People do it by adding 30 hashtags to a comment, and after some time, they go back to the comment, edit it and add another 30 hashtags, making 60 hashtags in the comment.

Doing this might be the reason your account has been shadow banned in the first instance; and if you are looking for an Instagram ShadowBan fix, it is best to desist from such act from now onward.

• Report to Instagram: This is the last resort. If you have applied the above ShadowBan fixes and still your images are still invisible, it is the right time to contact the Instagram team and report the situation.

However when reporting the situation don't tell them you have been shadow banned -- just tell them you observe that your pictures aren't appearing in the hashtags you use with them, and hopefully they will help you to reset your account.

Removing Instagram ShadowBan requires a lot of patient and following strict rules lay down by Instagram. It is best not to be a victim, but if you ever fall a victim, applying the suggested ShadowBan fixes above can help to resolve the problem.

Have you been hit by Instagram ShadowBan, before? How did you fix it?
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