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Asher ross
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10 ways to lose your reputation for poor management of social networks

Even today there are companies that underestimate the great power of social networks, ignore its effectiveness as a communication channel between the brand and its customers.As a result, some organizations suffer serious online reputation crisis, a situation that occurs more often than you think. Here is a list of the most common situations that we can find:

Obviate complaints from users : The customer complains in the first instance, the blog of the mark because the service received has been poor. After no response, goes to the Facebook wall of the company, with the same result. Move your request to your personal facebook wall, this time with documentary evidence, while reiterating his complaint twitter, with a very appropriate hash tag referring to "good service" that has given the company. The complaint from a user point dissatisfied has become a problem of considerable magnitude, which has compromised the reputation of the company and has spread hopelessly over the network.

They underestimate the power of social networks: Crisis within the organization, a problem encountered in the manufacturing process of its flagship product causes it does not meet the mandatory health conditions. Fortunately it is not harmful to health. The company decides to close at band, issue a few terse statements to the press and ignore public opinion. The debate takes to the street and sprinkles, of course, social networks, where comments at all pleasant, rampant everywhere, plague the social media scene.

Mismanagement of an attack by a troll : A being unscrupulous regular user of social networks, one day decides to lash out fiercely against a provider of hardware forums.The company detects it, but decides to continue its practice of not taking sides in the conflict.The arson fire spreads throughout the network, devastating in its path completely online reputation of the brand, without this move a finger. It is highly recommended to not feed the trolls, but do not remain impassive even after he is gone. Should control the various sources of fire, in order to alleviate the damage and once completed, begin an arduous process of reconstruction and improvement of the reputation loss.

Inappropriate action by the CM of the company: The Community Manager of the company, who is not conscious of acting under its corporate profile, issues a personal assessment of a subject about which the followers of the brand it represents are particularly sensitive. The community response was swift. It unleashed a storm of such inappropriate comments about opinions. The company is overwhelmed. This time it is not fire the Community Manager, but, as company spokesman on social networks, is to step into the arena and be consistent with their actions. Subsequently take measures against his Person.

Without your presence on social networks:Company X does not have its own profile on social networks, not necessary to have a presence in the online environment, does not give importance to what it might happen. Only have a corporate blog, where comments are not allowed and whose last entry dates back to ancient times. This company is at a disadvantage against its competition, cut off from its users and defenseless against possible attacks on corporate reputation. Today it is useless to stay out of social networks. Inevitably his name appears in this scenario, so it is preferable to be aware and have the resources to act.

They forget that social media is a bidirectional communication channel: The company has opened corporate social profiles, but does not monitor your brand's presence in this medium. Nor regularly reviews the entry of the comments received through their profiles. Only issue is limited to a certain frequency communications and messages, without assessing their impact. He forgot that social media is a bidirectional channel 2.0, which no longer has the exclusive power of the word. It has opened a door to communication that is now impossible to close, so you must learn to interact with users and consider them as equals.

Train spokespersons for the company in communication 2.0 :Appearing primarily responsible for the company, blinded by his ego and arrogance, is unable to recognize his mistake and makes a statement full of excuses and vague data at little or no use to the press or public opinion. It is important that they are the heads of the company who made ??an appearance, but you have to educate them properly so they know how they act.

Unaware that internal staff have their own voice:
An employee of the company criticizes the malfunctioning of it from your personal profile on Facebook. In his comments echoed thousands of people to unleash a stream of negative opinion true to the brand. Must be made ??aware that workers are direct counterparts of the brand and of course, keep them happy and meet all current legislation regarding occupational health, recruitment and any other aspect of employment.

They deny the facts:The company flatly refuses to admit that your company is going through a serious economic situation, a fact that is clearly more evident. Instead, opt for trying to appear normal and live apart from the comments that boil in the network. Unfortunately, the truth falls by its own weight, sinking with it the image of the brand, which remain buried under the rubble.

The company is hurt and directly attacks his opponent:Faced with criticism of the company by a user decides to take out the heavy artillery and attack directly against your opponent. With this offensive posture achieved only aggravate the situation and seriously damage your reputation online. Social networks are the setting for celebrating a pitched battle, but a public place open to dialogue. Users in most cases come to you to demand your attention, defend their interests does not mean attacking yours. Interprets criticism as opportunities for improvement and use them for personal gain. All will go out winning.

What crises have lived online reputation?What has been your way of managing social networks? Have you managed to get away?
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Very nice information.

Thanks for your best tips.
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This is the only thing which discriminate a writer and good skilled person like you
Thanks for Sharing!!!!

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